Anxiety and Depression

Pastor Ray is not only someone personally acquainted with the burdens of facing anxiety and depression, but he is also someone intimately aware of Christ's freedom from the same. Through his years of ministry Pastor has shared God's answers for anxiety with his congregation as a whole as well as with people on an individual basis. In this section of our website Pastor shares resources as well as insight into what God has said on the subject of anxiety and depression.


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Renewed is a ministry of practical help for anyone who feels overcome by the symptoms of stress, strain, tension, and trauma from life's pressures and problems. Through love, teaching, and the support of others in the Renewed program, Renewed offers help and hope for those who are weak, weary, and worried.

Each week, people just like you meet to learn about the symptoms of stress and distress, through the teaching ministry of Renewed's Founder - Pastor Raymond M. Barnett. Lessons include:

  • How stress and tension affect the body with adverse symptoms
  • How simple instructions from the Bible can give you relief from everything such as sweaty palms and rapid heartbeat, to feelings of panic, distress, fatigue, and even suicide
  • How through 12 simple principles, you can learn the love and of God, and His will to keep you free from anxiety, depression, and many other disturbing maladies of the mind
  • How to apply the 12 principles taught in Renewed to your daily life in order to obtain, and maintain a sound mind, body, and spirit.

If you or anyone you know feels helpless, out of control, or even hopeless, let Renewed help to restore you to a new life filled with joy, strength, and a new confidence to meet life's demands!

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